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KDE 4.3, Plasma configuration files and crash

User avatar Ignacio Serantes
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Well, I don't know why but plasma configuration files are changed broken my backup script. Unfortunatelly I discover this new behaviour when plasma enter in and infinite loop of crashes after a software update.

Yes, I know, I know, I'm an unlucky man because Plasma is rock solid and don't crash but I must have a hard life ;). So, this is a warning for other unluckys who is backing plasma configuration files before changing something or updating.

The new files are:

Another thing, when I do a right click in a Folder View with a nepomuk filter plasma crash. Can anybody confirm this problem to report bug in

The same for python plasmoids. Magic Folder, crash plasma and I don't know if is a problem in my system or I must report the bug so feedback are wellcome :).

Ignacio Serantes, proud to be a member of KDE forums since 2008-Nov.

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