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Window behavior without titlebar in Plasma 5.26.4

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Hey, everyone. I'm a bit new to Linux, and I had a question about the behavior of windows that have the titlebar disabled ­— specifically, I've disabled it on Firefox for a couple reasons.

When moving a window beneath the taskbar at the bottom, the titlebar will catch on the top of the taskbar and stop the window from moving any lower. However, this doesn't happen with Firefox since there's no titlebar to catch it.

This is a minor inconvenience, but it does mean that I can accidentally banish one of my Firefox windows to the Shadow Realm underneath my taskbar when I'm moving it around. Is there a way to enable this "catching" mechanism but with the tab bar instead of KDE's titlebar? Thanks.
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That shouldn't happen. What should happen is that the window maximizes when you drag it, regardless of the titlebar. I don't use titlebars at all and dragging windows, either by a shortcut or a panel application maximizes the windows ( depends on your tiling settings). Even firecrap. If it's only firecrap that behaves as going under the panel, I guess checking the panel settings is pointless.

EDIT: I just checked. Kinda stupid of me since I have my panel at the top. Of course they maximize. But you're right, if the panel is at the bottom, they can go behind the panel. I never noticed because I use the "active window control" widget. It's that text part left on my panel. Dunno if there's an actual fix for this behaviour if the panel is at the bottom. I think that would require a strut policy of some sort.
The only thing I can come up with ( in case you absolutely want your panel at the bottom) is to create a shortcut for "moving windows. You could then use that ( or as a desktop application) to use that in case the firecrap window would be stuck beneath the panel. So, system settings>shortcuts>move window>create shortcut. If you want, you can make a desktop application for that ( see screenie)

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