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Moving a window from one activity to another

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This is possible in 5.x - the shortest way is Alt+F3 to bring the desired menu and A-key (or click) to "Show in Activities". With 2 activities you get a list of 3 entries: all activities, activity A and activity B.

But it gets a bit odd, as an application cannot be send directly from activity A to activity B. It has to be sent on all activities first, any click will trigger that.

Let's say your app is on A and you want it on B:

- if you click B, then "All activities" is selected (you have to click B again)

- if you click A (to un-check it), "All activities" is selected (and then you have to click B)

- if you click "All activities..." etc

That's because you are supposed to have more than 2 activities and in some cases to use an app on more than one activity (when not on all).

There is no way of using a shortcut.
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Bumping this for visibility, as it is very annoying to me >:(

It's worth noting that if you right-click the items in the Task Manager there *is* an entry `Show in Activities > Move to xxxx`.However, those options are missing from the `Show in Activities` list in the titlebar right-click menu. Distinguishing between task manager entries is a pain when there are a lot of windows on one desktop, though.

If anyone knows how I could add items to the titlebar menu (even for just one application; looking at you firefox) I would be eternally grateful.


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