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Have MS PowerPoint? Create Motion Graphics for KDenlive

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I did this explainer about using ProRes 4444 vids for motions graphics about Premiere (I hate the way Premiere organizes graphics). It applies to Kdenlive too (which I've just started using and IT IS BLOWING ME AWAY! Using KDenlive makes me feel young again! Gone is all that Premiere bloat. Not joking! Loving it!). Anyway, if you have Microsoft Powerpoint I created a piece of VBA code (macro) that can export each slide as a transparent animation which you can drag onto the Kdenlive timeline.

Creating PowerPoint animations is a little weird, but once you get the hang of it, powerful and fun.

Vide is here:

Github for the file and code: ... -or-prores

Any questions, fire away!

Did I mention I am BLOWN AWAY by Kdenlive? I can't wait to do some videos about where I think it's a better alternative to everything else, paid or not.


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