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Help troubleshooting search

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Help troubleshooting search

Tue Dec 21, 2021 12:04 am
Hi guys!

I'm using KDE P5 on both my work laptop and my home "workstation". And on the workstation I'm having issues with the KDE search.

I've compared the GUI settings for file search (what it's indexing) and baloo is only configured to search through my homedir (I assume it's searching through other paths as well that I can't see in the GUI).

Baloo has indexed 8476 files, the index is 7 MiB. But the start search doesn't work.

I'm running NixOS unstable, not sure what more to tell you really. It's been broken for quite awhile so I assume it's something somewhere in my user config that I can't find, since i share quite a bit of the machine configuration with my work laptop that search works on.

I just ran the command "balooctl index /run/current-system/sw/share/applications/*" (This is where NixOS links all .desktop files to).

Baloo seems to be able to find the files now
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➜  ~ baloosearch qbit
Elapsed: 0.239105 msecs

But the application launcher can't.

What more information can I share to get some assistance getting this working/how to i troubleshoot this? Other than my Linux ISO's I've not really got anything to hide! :p

I did exclude /home/user/nixpkgs from the search index because it's a 300mb+ git repo full of source code, other than that I'm essentially bone-stock.

Thanks in advance and thanks for the great software you're building! Hope you'll see some valve funding soon! :)

Forgot to mention, on my work laptop when i press "super" and start typing it'll search in the application launcher, on my desktop it doesn't. And when i search there are never any results (but the application menu is full of items, with categories and all)


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