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baloosearch filename fails to find pattern in word

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Hey there,

I'm experiencing a problem with baloosearch, first experienced in dolphin. When searching for a pattern, the pattern is only recognized when occuring in the beginning, but not in the middle or the end of a word. I want to present the following minimal example:
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[user@machine ~]$ mkdir ~/test

[user@machine ~]$ cd ~/test

[user@machine test]$ touch testFile TestFile DefaulttestFile DefaultTestFile

[user@machine test]$ tree ~/test
├── DefaulttestFile
├── DefaultTestFile
├── testFile
└── TestFile

0 directories, 4 files

[user@machine test]$ balooctl index *
Indexing /home/user/test/DefaulttestFile
Indexing /home/user/test/DefaultTestFile
Indexing /home/user/test/testFile
Indexing /home/user/test/TestFile
File(s) indexed

[user@machine test]$ baloosearch -d ~/test test
Verstrichen: 559,765 msec

[user@machine test]$ baloosearch -d ~/test filename:test
Verstrichen: 0,180896 msec

[user@machine test]$ baloosearch -d ~/test file
Verstrichen: 99,807 msec

[user@machine test]$ baloosearch -d ~/test File
Verstrichen: 0,266703 msec

In it is stated that no wildcards are necessary because these are assumed already. However in my minimal example baloosearch is not finding DefaultTestFile nor DefaulttestFile, which containg the pattern test. I'd have expected this. What am I doing wrong or what can I do in order to get this working, favourably with dolphin? Or is something goofy going on here?


EDIT: I supplemented the terminal output with some lines for the sake of completeness.


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