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How to change the sorting order of search results?

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When I use the search from the main menu, the sorting order is NOT what I want, and doesn't even bring up some results near the top that are actually what I want.

For example, I want to quick open up the Calculator. I start typing `calc` and LibreOffice Calc (does not start with 'C', but does indeed have calc in the name) and then it starts presenting indexed files/documents, no other applications. Even though Calculator is, indeed, installed. When I finish typing in `calculator`, indexed files are shown first, then "Get calculator" which brings up Discover (and even more so, the Gnome Calculator), then Get "Liri Calculator", which again opens up discover, and then a short scroll to the very bottom which how is the currently installed Calculator application.

What's up with this? How do I change the ordering of search modules so that installed applications are always on top?


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