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kde login screen, splash screen, lock screen, shutdown...

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Hello all!

1. I'd like to have a simple/consistent boot/login screen for my kde.
Not counting the wallpaper here, I have
- one login screen (sddm) at startup
- one splash screen
- the lock screen
- one shutdown screen (what's the name for this?)

Sorry, but sounds like a mess. All these *separate* screens to login/logout into a working system.
Separately configured, managed. Inconsistent.
Not to mention the incomprehensible organization of all the settings in the control panel.

I'm sure that there will be some technical (cough) 'explanation' for the various components involved in all this.
Even if these are managed by different components, come on guys, in the end - the whole experience counts.
As a user, I don't care about sddm, plasma splash, lock screen or other components. I want my (1) desktop please.

As a developer, I have some intuition about the answers I'll get.
I love to separate functionalities, use different modules for different purposes, isolate stuff,
but in the end we have to combine all this ...and hide! the! glue!.

I guess we could at least have settings access to configure all of these separately
or, even better, an interface that allows using the same background for all of them in one step.

2. when booting up, the login screen shows shutdown/suspend/reboot options.
However, the lock screen only has Switch user option. Why not the other ones as well?
Is there a way to customize the lock screen buttons?

3. Kde rulz, to me is the best linux desktop! Thank you all, kde devs/contributors, for the great work!


ps: found related posts, e.g. - viewtopic.php?t=154087
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Well, suggestion 1 has been partially resolved with the Look and Feel themes which bundle the themes for the various components so the user just needs to (install and) select the theme and all components change together.
I'll agree that there's still improvement that can be done in that regard when you just want to tweak some aspect an have it applied to all of the components that the tweak could be applied to, so that everything remains consistent.

For suggestion 2, I'm not sure why the lock screen doesn't present the shutdown or reboot options, though at a guess it's to require you to unlock the session so that if you had anything open which requires attention before shutting down (such as unsaved documents).

On point 3, I totally agree ;)

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