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Remove mouseover behaviour and change colour for scrollbar

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Hello all,

I have a question about modifying the UI for a KDE program and I hope you can help.

I use the scrollbar in Kdenlive a lot, and for long videos it's the quickest way to move around the timeline. However, as lovely as the new Breeze Dark theme is, the scrollbar is tiny, hardly any darker than the background, and it disappears unless I hover the cursor over it, which isn't helpful since I can't see where it is!

I've looked within the Breeze theme files and can't find anything, only colours for windows, backgrounds, text etc.

Does anyone know where the scrollbar parameters might be for me to manually edit? Colour and disabling mouseover would be a good start. I can edit these in the gtk themes on Ubuntu, but I can't find anything for the themes used by KDE programs, specifically Kdenlive.

Many thanks, Peter


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