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KDE Kickoff: How to move applications from the Search view ?

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I'm running a CentOS 7 VM with KDE. In the Kickoff window, I can find application using the Search feature, as shown in the attached screenshot.


However the shown applications don't belong to any category in the Kickoff. I'd like to create a new folder in Application->Developmet and move them there. But left clicking applications in the Search view doesn't propose anything else then "Add to Favorites", "Add to Desktop" and "Add to pannel", which isn't want I need.

How can I do that ?

Many thanks in advance.
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I can't see your screenshot bc it is pointing to your HDD but I think I know what you want.

If you want some application to appear in
Start -> Applications -> Development -> MyFolder

you have to edit the .DESKTOP file for that particular app.
Those kinds of files are mostly located in /usr/share/applications/
Some are in your home folder.

Let’s say, the app that you are interested in is in
You have to move it to your home folder
sudo cp /usr/share/applications/your_app.desktop ~/

Then open it with Kate or KWrite.
Find the line that says

I looked a bit at ... c-1.0.html
but I am not sure how to create your own folder on the Start menu.

Anyway, once you figure it out, delete the original file:
sudo rm /usr/share/applications/your_app.desktop
Copy your modified file
sudo cp ~/your_app.desktop /usr/share/applications


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