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Touchscreen, sometime touch wont work.

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Hi, I'm in the quest finding current best Linux and Linux desktop environment (DE) for full touchscreen x86 device, no keyboard and mouse. I exclude Gnome due to excesive memory usage. The machine I use is Lenovo Miix 320, an Intel Atom detachable laptop. The detachable keyboard is broken, only trackpad is working.

I've tried Ubuntu Mate, Budgie, Kubuntu, Unity. I've tried also MX Linux, Manjaro KDE and Android x86 (current release 9.0-r2). So far KDE Neon come up the best with only one catch. If I do right click, either by touchscreen or by trackpad, the right click menu will shown up. While it show up, any next touch to other area than the right click menu, for example top bar or empty white space, will render the touch unresponsive.

The right click menu still show up, but any touch on the screen will not make it go away. Even touching close or minimize button won't do anything. I can not touch the main menu or other window if in cascade mode. The only way to make touchscreen responsive again by clicking with the trackpad/mouse or keyboard even (esc key). If it happen while the device detachable, there will be no way to getting out, the device will seem frozen. Not even power or volume button will do anything.

Further more the next long touch will not make right click menu appear again. Only after making it appear and dissapear by using trackpad, then the long touch produce right clcik menu.

After trying several time, I come to the conclusion for KDE Neon Dolphin, sometime only first touch is register, the next touch will not working not until some clicking with trackpad happen. Dolphin in Kubuntu not recognize long touch, so the problem never appear.

The standard is already low, I just need web broweser and file browser, both recognize touchscreen at least right click menu, scrool and zoom in/out. For Firefox in KDE Neon, all working fine (including watching Netflix). Firefox in Kubuntu, or Kubuntu in general, only recognize single short touch.

Should I just replace Dolpin? Or is it possible to tweak it? I've try install XFCE-Thunar and Mate-Caja, but it's only recognize single touch as click. Konsole and KWrite also only recognize single touch as click. Thus all those program will never lock/froze the device in detachable mode.
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How is that in any way related to Dolphin? The touchpad settings are system-wide settings, maybe you have too man actors trying to access it.
Moving this thread.

Running Kubuntu 22.10 with Plasma 5.26.3, Frameworks 5.100.0, Qt 5.15.6, kernel 5.19.0-23 on Ryzen 5 4600H, AMD Renoir, X11
FWIW: it's always useful to state the exact Plasma version (+ distribution) when asking questions, makes it easier to help ...
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Hey Kdeng, You are right. It used to happen for me in Dolphin but after a certain update touch works properly in dolphin and sometimes it does not. But in the Desktop the right click always stops the touch. Probably Dolphin would get fixed but the desktop area needs to be fixed - including Task bar, Menu Bars or anything related to those. What happens after right click the menu which appears is on top of touch capability and we can make it go or select the menus options only using any physical input. What I do sometimes is I open Touch keyboard and keep it ready and then do right click using the touch keyboard(onboard) and then I use the arrow keys of the touch keyboard to navigate and if I need to close the menu I use the escape key. But in this process if by chance if you touch outside the keyboard then it wont work.


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