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How to split monititor into two virtual monitors?

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Good morning all,

I am working on a home project that where I need to split a Raspberry Pi7" touchscreen into two separate virtual monitors. Previously I was using openbox with tint2 and was able to use xrandr to split the LCD into two:

xrandr --setmonitor virt-left 70/0x480/1+0+0 DSI-1
xrandr --setmonitor virt-right 730/0x480/1+70+0 none

I've since moved away from Openbox and am now using KDE-Plasma for my UI, but found that xrandr doesn't seem to work/have any effect. Inside System Settings, shows that there is a single 800x480 screen.

Long and short, I need to keep the task bar ALWAYS visable, regardless if an app starts in Fullscreen. Previously I was using xrandr to create a second monitor that was just side enough to show the taskbar.

Any ideas?


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