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Issues with 'fall apart' effect after 5.24.1 update

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Hi everyone, I am having some issues with the 'fall apart' desktop effect after the recent update. Running Garuda Arch with the "Sweetified Plasma" global theme, which is the default for the Garuda Dragonized distro.
When the system updated to Plasma 5.24.0 the fall apart effect stopped working. I saw the bug fixes so was waiting for the 5.24.1 update to fix it. After the 5.24.1 update, the effect still failed to work. After some research I found a strange solution which was modifying the "Window Open/Close Animation" setting, as well as changing the "Scale method" setting in the Compositor settings. After changing those settings, fall apart worked again. It continued to work even after changing back to the original settings for the settings I changed to fix it. It seemed that just the act of modifying those settings fixed the fall apart effect.

Unfortunately, after reboot it again has stopped working and requires this same process to be done again to fix it.
Before the update, fall apart effect always worked including after reboot.

Also the plasma accent color scheme is reverting to the global theme default color after rebooting, but that was happening before the update as well.

Any idea what could be going on here? Any help fixing this annoying issue would be very much appreciated.


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