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Display scaling lead to flickering font lines in LibreOffice

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Hello, Im using openSUSE Tumbleweed with the KDE desktop. I'm using it with the scaling function in display settings otherwise everything would be to small.

Instead of using 100% scaling I use 150% of scaling. This leads to a weird problem that when I open LibreOffice writer an type something the text is flickering somehow like it would be trying to adjust the spacing between the letters. It only happens in writer in other text editors (or software) it does not happen.

I have created a video about that problem.

I already asked in opensuse forums and also in libreoffice forums which I also link here. Maybe I'm able to pin down the problem here in KDE forums. ... ost-796985 ... ppen/78225

The problem exists since more than 1 year, meanwhile a lot of updates happend but it was never adressed.

I hope somebody can help
much appreciated


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