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Half baked

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Half baked

Mon Jun 27, 2022 11:55 am
I don't usually rant but... I wish the kde people would stop pushing stuff in new releases which is..half baked, to say the least. And this is just about gui. Take that custom highlight coloring stuff for example. It's all good if you use a light coloured window theme. But if you switch to a dark colour scheme, the highlight turns into something completely different. In some cases, the icons don't even get set properly, the directory icons on folders don't accentuate ( chameleon and rainbow do a much better job at that). Furthermore, it often happens that changing colors switches the gtk application theme to the set qt color as well, regardless of the gtk setting. Here's such an example. I picked some random orange-ish highlight color. Same highlight color in default breeze light and dark ( and mind you, in this case the directory icon on the folders DID adapt which, in some cases, it doesn't):

The overview. Seriously, parachute did a much better job at that. If it ain't finished, don't implement it imo. Regardless if you're basing it on gnome or parachute. Small dev theme and all that, I get it. But implementing for the sake of it? Keeping up with what gnome groupies call the "gnome awesomeness"? Hell, in its way, Skippy-xd does a better job and it's been around since 2004. As does xf dashboard. But hey, small volunteering team I guess.

The desktop. A yes. Still hasn't been fixed. In fact, it's the first time ( kubuntu 22.04) the desktop ( set as desktop directory, not home) freezes occasionally. Certain service menus which work in dolphin itself, still don't work on the desktop but on top of that, certain functions make it freeze entirely nowadays. On a couple of occasions, dragging files from an unmaximized dolphin window to the desktop froze the entire thing. No right click, no nothing. Requiring a forced reboot altogether. Let's say, for the sake of it, it's rare. But it would be nice if, at least, the service menu issue would be solved. It probably won't because somewhere I read that, according to the maker, it works as it should. It doesn't, but hey..Screenies:Same item, same right click menu, in dolphin and desktop. Entries are missing. I made copy to and move to entries with a zenity script to achieve that function on the desktop ( and folder widget) btw.
Zenity workaround:

Overall, this 22.04, plasma 5.24 is quite a while imho. This screenie is 5.24, but it could well be 5.20 as far as I'm concerned. Not only can one easily do the exact same setup but some things would simply do a better job since some core functions are simply bugged since and, four editions later, still aren't adressed. Guess a redundant floating panel, a halfbaked theming "thing" and a halfbaked overview are the way to go.

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