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application menu does not work under wayland

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Hi KDE people
So to describe this issue as best as i can

ive tried it on a fresh user account from scratch,

if under a Wayland session, (its fine under X11) you choose the alternative "application menu" instead of the default newer "application launcher"

the menu no longer works as you might expect.

As you move up menu, like windows on a building choosing each section
power session
lost and found
internet ---------> shutdown

the popup for each of those sections does appear, but does not change its contents at all, just shows one of the random groups that you may have chosen before, on every level .

While im sure there are loads of people who love this new windows 10 inspired application launcher that works fine under wayland,
I preferred the older one, call me old school if you like.

kde reached a point of perfection and greatness along time ago, and id like to hang onto as much of that as i can.

but i would like wayland.

other relevant information

ive seen this issue for quite a while now, its not new so does not apply to one specific version, but as fedora 36 reached 5.25.2 today, and its still there i thought it time to check if its known about.

running on an Nvidia 1070ti with driver installed via but its been there with various other versions and packages of nvidia drivers since at least 470. I think this is the most relevant bit about this issue.

my screen resolution is 4K and is running at 144 hts with a 175% scaling ratio.

but ive seen it on fullHD, with no scaling as well.

It does not however occur on my laptop which is a asus ux31a, so just an old 2012 2 core intel HD graphics/CPU.

If anyone could just try try it on their nvidia card, and if possible amd card, then ill be resigned to what i already know, to ditch this nvidia card,

alternatively if its a bug that can be fixed then that would also be great, because no doubt there's someone else out there using the old app menu, and nvidia.

Regards peter


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