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Taskbar Oxygen [no compositor] visual problem (bug?)

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Hi, I'm new to the forums (I've been using KDE since around version 3.4 though) and I have this problem with KDE 5, not sure if it's a bug.

I'm having an issue with the way the taskbar looks when I'm using the Oxygen theme with compositor deactivated (you might remember the taksbar in Oxygen looks a little different when compositor is off. It's more like rounded and glossy). My problem is sometimes, specially if I change any style in System Settings, the taskbar becomes a little gray, and the issue only goes away if I reboot the system / logout-login.

Here's how it should look, and how it looks when it's broken
As you can see it seems like there's a lighter overlay behind the bar, with an extra white gloss and all

I'm on Ubuntu (Kubuntu) 20.04 Plasma 5.18.8 but I have been upgrading my other computers to Kubuntu 22.04 Plasma 5.24 and the issue is still there and is even harder to remove, sometimes not even logging out-in would resolve it so I'm hesitant to upgrade my main pc to 22.04

Please let me know if this is something that has a solution or else I can report a bug to KDE. Sorry but Oxygen is my favorite style ;) and I love to use it without the acceleration overhead so this is a no concessions situation for me :)

Thanks in advance


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