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Keyboard settings not persisitent

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Keyboard settings not persisitent

Wed Nov 09, 2022 8:43 am

I am running KDE Plasma 5.18.6 on openSuSE Leap 15.3. I have the following annoying problem: Under System Settings -> Hardware -> Input Devices -> Keyboard I have activated keyboard settings that do not autogenerate characters with accents when I type an accent key. However, after every login, this setting is reset. I have to go back to this dialog and apply the changes again to have the correct behavior. Is there a way to make these changes persistent that I am overlooking?

Thanks, best wishes, Tilo
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This should not reset itself inside the Graphical User Interface, are you talking about this inside Plasma or on your login screen only?

If you have the issue once you are logged in the GUI, then try setting your desktop session to be saved on logout: System Settings -> Workspace -> Startup and Shutdown -> Desktop Session -> When login in: Restore last session

If the issue arrises before your are actually logged into the Plasmashell the systemwide keyboard settings are the problem, but those are set independently from the GUI and are chosen when you installed your system. Those have no influence over the keyboard settings you make once the GUI is started. To change this in Leap, you need to do this with the YaST System Keyboard Configuration. See also ... -keym.html

Running Kubuntu 22.10 with Plasma 5.26.3, Frameworks 5.100.0, Qt 5.15.6, kernel 5.19.0-23 on Ryzen 5 4600H, AMD Renoir, X11
FWIW: it's always useful to state the exact Plasma version (+ distribution) when asking questions, makes it easier to help ...


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