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Guess I'm done with kde

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Guess I'm done with kde

Wed Mar 22, 2023 6:24 pm
This is the second time this happens. This time it happened during the configuration of a widget. Poof. Total desktop crash. Not only are the panels wiped, but entire folders are simply.....gone. Applications, servicemenus, color schemes, custom kvantum themes, custom icon themes, scripts......ALL gone. Everything!!!!! Completely wiped out to a G.....M ! default desktop!! This is insane. I've been a longterm linux user and I've seen my share of crashing over the years. But stuff like this? Not once! Un......real! I've started using kde since a couple of years now. More for fun since I'm an OB geek. But if there's ONE reoccuring "theme" amongst longterm kde users, it's that the devs should fix their stuff FIRST instead of coming up with new and quite often, halfbaked, "goodies". I totally agree with that. It's far from normal that fiddling with a widget's settings, one I've used for years btw, can cause such a total crash and wipe out half of a personal directory. Never seen that, not ever since 2005-ish. Insane. But hey, a halfbaked panel, custom color highlight, overview and tiling **** are more important I guess. Point is, unless you're constantly backing up, running kde on a daily, working on a big project, as a bussiness os walking on eggs. That's why I always have some partition with OB. Because I simply don't trust it, never did. And looking at the overall devs' children in a candystore mindset, never will. Or at least, very reluctantly.

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