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ATI X1900XTX (R580) and Composition: Is it possible?

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I tried KDE 4.0 on release day and disregarded it as "Will be cool... eventually." Since 4.1.2 is out and Amarok 2.0 is on the "Will be cool... soon" list, I think it's time to dive back in...

* Charlie installs a fresh Gentoo 2008.0, amd64.

My box is equipped with an ATI Radeon X1900XTX (aka the R580) - a card that is notorious for its failure to support Linux in any way. Specifically, OpenGL "Render to Texture" functionality doesn't seem to work with any drivers... not Vesa, not Radeon, not RadeonHD, not FGLRX.

My information is old and, so far, I have only tried to make it work with Gnome's compositing WM.

Is it possible to get KDE's built in compositing WM working on this hardware? If so, which drivers should I be fighting with?


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