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[KDE Connect] Ethernet and WiFi connection problem

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Hi peeps. Today is my first time using KDE Connect. My initial attempt was to connect both phones, auto-discovery doesn't find my device, however manually adding the WiFi IP address both phones connected to worked like a charm.

Then, I tried connecting both phones to my desktop PC which has a different IP address due to it being plugged on Ethernet. But both my phones and desktop PC are essentially on the same network, no doubt. This is the error message I got: "The paired device is not reachable. Make sure it is connected to your same network."

Anyone of you faced this issue and had it resolved? (I'm using the latest build from Windows Store)

Note: Phone running android 11. My old desktop PC is running Windows 10, doesn't have WIFI feature unfortunately...

Things I have tried so far:
1) Allowed connection for port 1716 under both TCP and UDP on Windows Firewall & Router. -> Failed
2) Set Ethernet connection from "Public" to "Private" to try out. Also switched it back to "Public" afterwards. -> Failed
3) Allowed access on Windows Firewall for KDE Connect for Domain, Private and Public. -> Failed
4) Turned off Windows Firewall entirely. -> Failed
5) Reinstalled the app, restarted modem/ router and PC -> Failed


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