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Create custom connection to KDE Connect

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I am looking for the best option to integrate an Android device with multiple PCs and operating systems (Windows, Linux, dual boot).
Here, network file access is most important. One solution for this is running an FTP server on Android. This solves the file access from multiple devices, it only requires an FTP client.

However, it requires the PC and the Android device to be registered in the same network and connecting requires the IP address of the FTP server.
This is inconvenient as the IP address of the FTP server (Android device) depends on the current network and so far I found no solution to connect to FTP server by its name instead of its IP.

I am looking for a solution that improves this in one of the following ways:
- similarly allows file access by network and resolve the server by name (i.e. connect to <DeviceName:Port> instead of <DeviceIP:Port>)
- optionally allows file access by alternative connections as well (e.g. Bluetooth) in case the devices are not registered in the same network

One possible solution I found is KDE connect. I tested it once and it works rather well using the Android app and the Linux/KDE desktop application.
It offers a lot of nice-to-have stuff, but that's not directly important for me. For file transfer, it uses a SFTP (SSH FTP) server on Android.
Here, I would like to ask because I found no solution in its online resources:

1. Can I create a direct connection to KDE Connect's SFTP server with a regular SFTP client without running a KDE Connect application on client side? Or is this not possible at all?

2. Can I connect to the KDE Connect SFTP server without its IP but by a device name such that it works conveniently through multiple networks?

3. Does KDE Connect apps support pairing an Android device with multiple desktops or is this always a one-to-one communication?

Thanks in advance!


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