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Bluetooth headphones turn off a few seconds after connecting

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I'm using my Google Pixel Buds Pro with my laptop. Once they're paired they connect automatically as soon as they're taken out of the case. Audio switches correctly and they work as expected on the High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink) profile. But after about 10 seconds the audio cuts out and seems to switch to "USB Audio Line out". When I look in the audio devices I see the buds set as "off" and the only option to turn them back on is to select the Handsfree Head Unit (HFP) profile, with the awful audio quality that it entails. In the Bluetooth menu the speakers are still connected.

However if I just manually disconnect the buds from the Bluetooth menu and connect them again, they work flawlessly and never turn off again. It's not a huge deal but it feels bad having to manually re-connect a device every time even though the Bluetooth connectivity itself seems to work so well.


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