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Reginal dictionaries: aspell, hspell or hunspell

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Due to a lot of outdated information I need some clarification regarding spell cheching in KDE, what is the default and what are the best practice recommendations...

It is my understanding that the default spell checking library for KDE is hunspell (though every tutorial I can find states "aspell").
Now I checked: my system has "apell", "hspell" and "hunspell" installed...

Now I like to stick to one system so that personal entries into spelling dictionaries, as exceptions or new words, get used userwide (it's a single user system so there can be systemwide language and spelling settings but it has to be the same behaviour in every program...).

- What is the default configuration here? Is this "hunspell"?
- Why is "aspell" also installed and cannot be removed - it seems like my whole system is listed as dependencies for the "aspell" package...
- I like to remove the Hebrew spell checker, but I cannot find the package to remove it - "hspell" seems to be the one but cannot be removed because all KDE packages are listed as dependencies ...

BTW: this is on KDE 4.14.2 on ARCH linux...

thx, piedro

p.s.: there has been a bug with unwanted hebrew spell checking:
but this has been fixed in 2012 (that's what the bug report said...), so this cannot be the problem, right?
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KDE has the capability to use all three of those, in addition to Enchant. I can confirm that HSpell is the Hebrew spell checking system.
Unfortunately it seems your distribution has built and packaged KDE in such a way that the support for these cannot be simply uninstalled through your package manager.

Can you please outline what you're trying to accomplish? I haven't been able to determine if a priority order is built in to the system - so I can't tell which of these backends will be preferred.

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