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Installing KOffice (Now Calligra & Co.) in Windows 2020 (10)

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Welcome to the FUTURE! Where amazing free open source software is easy to find, easy to use, easy to contribute, and easy to share!

Now, as we march towards the year 2020 and we don our personal jetpacks or hop into our flying cars on the way to space work we free ourselves from the shackles of oppressive, expensive corporate office tools; we may be told something along the lines of, "Mr Jetson! you can't have all that while stuck with a machine incapable of running linux and trapped with the wicked windows 10!" well to that, "Bollocks" I say!

MS Windows does K apps too! The best thing about K is supposed to be its cross platform ability. The problem is, its pretty dang easy, but not to easy. so, we get missing instructions and dis information with most people landing somewhere between "its not possible" and "its so easy you don't need help / instructions" yet all the info you can find is out of date!

Hell here I am to set things straight:

Installers exist for windows but are out of date or incomplete. By using an out of date installer, followed by the newer incomplete one you get the most stable yet up to date version of the complete package possible, however breakage may occur as new features are worked on in nightlies before cross platform bugs are fixed.

Installers for the prior version of Calligra Gemini can still be found on KDE's download network. This version is for Windows Vista and above, and recommended for the "best" experience with automatic interface switching, like in a Intel 2-in-1 Ultrabook, or Microsoft Surface.

64 bit version: ... mirrorlist

32 bit version: ... mirrorlist

note: These packages also includes binaries for Words and Stage, but lack shortcuts for them.

Status for other Calligra apps: Up to date Calligra Karbon, Calligra Sheets, and Calligra Words desktop versions are included in:

64 bit nightlies available at: ... tly_win64/

32 bit nightlies available at: ... tly_win32/

note: Gemini and Plans are incomplete and non functional in these builds as of March 2019

Installer for Krita is provided by

the Krita Foundation at

Krita Gemini is considered obsolete, but is available on the steam store. Successful features from the Gemini fork may be added to future releases of Krita.

digiKam, Kate & KWrite, KDevelop, KEXI, KMymoney, ,Marble Virtual Globe, Umbrello UML Modeller, and RKWard are all supported individually and downloads built properly using MSVC are available through

the KDE on Windows project ( )
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It does appear that Calligra may be in a bit of a sorry state. The last release was a year ago, and it's sad to see that they haven't even gotten that pushed through the appropriate channels for Windows. At least there are still nightly builds, but those should be considered unstable and not reliable for regular (production) use.

Krita, however, has split off on its own and not only has Windows installers, but is also in the Windows Store: Kexi is also kind of in the same boat:

You might also bring this up in the KDE on Windows if you haven't already.

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