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All the shapes have disappeared in Karbon.

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Holden Green
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I have a 10x10cm document with a green circle in the middle.

I'm looking to create a new circle, but all of the shapes and schematics have disappeared. What do I do? ???

PS. Is there any good documentation for Karbon and is there a better place to ask this type of question? It seems too silly for a forum post. If you had a non-developer IRC i could use or something like that that would be great.
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Could you go to the Menu "Settings"->"Dockers" and check if the two sub-entries "Stencil Box" and "Add Shape" are activated?

The "Stencil Box" Docker is the one containing several template symbols for different domains as electronic, network etc.

The "Add Shape" Docker is for more adding generic geometric shapes like ellipses (what you might want for a circle) or rectangles as well as for images, charts and so on.

If for some reasons the dockers can't be enabled again, you could also copy and paste the existing circle ;)


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