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[HELP] Automating data plotting using Kstplot

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I need to plot huge CSV files using Kstplot.
These files are generated by test bench as TDMS files and converted to CSV for plotting in other software like DatPlot (it also enable me to merge multiple TDMS file in one CSV file to view data during the whole test cycle more easily).
I used to use DatPlot but this software doesn't handle discontinuous data very well.
Kstplot handle discontinuous data better than DatPlot.

Anyway I like Kstplot but find the GUI quite hard and complex compared to DatPlot (in DatPlot you can add graph panes and curves in few clicks).
KstPlot seems less intuitive to use and considering my CSV files are huge (40k lines or more and hundreds of columns).

I want to automate the following data plotting steps :
a) import the CSV file using data wizard
b) set the data wizard setting for delimiter and also X axis (which as a format like this 2020/06/28 11:55:03.450)
c) plot only the columns I want to display (apparently KstPlot doesn't handle dual Y axis on the same graph what a shame because DatPlot can)
d) show the result in KstPlot

I looked online but I have few programming knowledge (in C and Java mostly when I was at school).
The only documentation I found was Kstscript (how do you use in on windows ??) and python.
I have many dataset (multiple file that I need to analyze data from) so automating the plotting process could save me a lot of time.
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Is this is Python?


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