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How to open maildir with subfolders folder in kmail

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the Subject says it all, how do I open a maildir++ folderstructure in kmail?

I have a huge mail archive folder ~140000 messages, importing all at once takes hours and the folder is too large to work with it, kmail takes about 2 minutes to even generate the message list and does not open any messages.

I moved the messages to subfolders for each month with find, sed, maildirmake and a little bit of python, when I open the resulting maildir with settings > Accounts > Receiving > add custom Account, the subfolders are missing. After some searches I found this script on github to convert to kmails supposed maildir format, converted it to python3 (just change print to print() ) and ran it, still no subfolders in Kmail.

By now I think the easiest thing is to run a local dovecot instance and connect with IMAP, but there has to be a way to open a maildir with subfolders in kmail, right?

Any tips or workarounds welcome, thanks in advance, please comment if you need any more information on my system.

Software versions:

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~$ akonadictl --version
akonadictl 5.20.3 (22.04.3)
~$ kmail --version
kmail2 5.20.3 (22.04.3)
~$ cat /etc/issue
Debian GNU/Linux bookworm/sid
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I would create a dummy maildir mailbox in Kmail with some subfolders to check how Kmail manages their maildir structure. When you know the diferences, you can adapt your old maildir structure.


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