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KMail incorrectly selecting identity when replying on alias

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Hey guys ;D

My first post here so let me know if I'm doing any wrong!

I have a problem with KMail choosing the identity/account it puts in the "From" field incorrectly. This is what my setup looks like:

I have an email account "main account" on which I have an alias "alias address". I have identities for "main account" and "alias address" in KMail, but I only have one set of incoming and outgoing accounts which correspond to "main account", but are used by both the "main account" and "alias address" identites in KMail. I have used the "alias address" to sign up to a email forwarding service called "forwarding service".

Email sent to my "forwarding service" address -> Forwarded to my "alias address" email -> Arrives in KMail through the "main account" IMAP.

When the email arrives, the "To" field correctly shows the "alias address". Looking at the headers, the "Delivered-To" field is correctly set to "main account" address, and the "Received" field is correctly set to the "alias address".

If I want to send an email from a "forwarding service" address it looks like this:

Send email from "alias address" identity to an address generated by "forwarding service" -> Goes out through "main account" SMTP to my "forwarding service" -> Goes out through "forwarding service" to recipient.

If I now go to reply to an email sent to one of my "forwarding service" aliases, the "From" field in the message composer is set to the "main account" address, where as it should be set to the "alias address" identity. This is the issue that I'm facing. I can manually change the "From" field to my "alias address" and it all works fine, but it is very annoying. I could not see a setting anywhere for overwriting the "From" field when replying to an email.

I hope this makes sense, I have generalised everything to make it a bit easier to understand.

Thanks in advance!


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