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Help needed - my KDEPIM-4.7 (kmail) upgrade NIGHTMARE

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As a long user of kmail (over 10 years now) I thought it wont be any problems for me to upgrade to kdepim (kmail etc.) to version 4.7. I was wrong...

First, I read the instruction:

I made a backup and because migration script failed, I have made manual migration by typing: kmail-migrator --interactive

After this I realized that migration was fine for all old folder, accounts and setting but I did not have my old emails, and because kmail was extremely slow, and after reading one email I could only see: “Retrieving Folder Contents, Please Wait...”, so I tough maybe I have done something wrong, and because it was 2am I was trying to repeat this step (kmail-migrator --interactive) 3 times more... This did not fix anything and things went even more wrong.

The problem is now – my kmail do not work properly, and I lost over 20 000 emails as I can not import it. I know many user had similar problem and went into Thunderbird, but I have to fix it as I can not lost my old emails and jobs form last 7 years.

Bellow there is a list of all my problems after migrating, if someone have a solution for just one step, I hope step by step I will fix everything.

[1] Duplicate Kmail Folders in Kmail.
As I said above, because I repeated (kmail-migrator --interactive) 4 times, I have 4 time duplicated main tree in Kmail. Each one has working accounts. Some of them fetch all emails, some of them fetch only few emails. You can see it here: ... mail02.png
I was trying do delete those 3 unwanted folder, but with no results. Maybe I should delete manually every sub-folder first or maybe is another solution to delete it?

[2] Kde Wallet setting
I have 4 Kmail Folders in Kmail, and about 10 accounts in every one, and I do not know why KDE Wallet is working in this way, but every few minutes I have dozen of windows where I have to click the password for every account and password for access for kdewallet. Before upgrade, I had to put password once (during opening kmail) and after that anything, now during writing this text, I had to click over 100's times. How to fix it?
Here is a printscreen how it looks like, I have to click all the time OK, OK, Ok...: ... mail01.png

[3] Nepomuk
New Kmail needs Akonadi and Akonadi needs Nepomuk
In my previous kmail everything worked just fine. After upgrade I have errors messages like bellow: ... mail03.png

Sematic Data Storage
Nepomuk was not able to find the configured database backend 'sesame2'. Existing data can thus not be accessed. For data security reasons Nepomuk will be disabled until the situation has been reso…

Nepomuk Indexing Disabled
Nepomuk Indexing Agents Have Been Disabled
The Nepomuk service is not available or fully operational and attempts to rectify this have failed. Therefore indexing of all data stored in the Akonadi PIM service has been disabled, which will severely l…

The following problems were detected:
Calling the Nepomuk storage service failed: 'The name org.kde.NepomukStorage was not provided by any .service files'.
Additional help can be found here:

I was trying to do this manual - Nepomuk Indexing Agents have been Disabled: ... n_Disabled
but with no success :(

My status:
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$ akonadictl status
Akonadi Control: running
Akonadi Server: running
Akonadi Server Search Support: not available

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$ nepomukserver
Nepomuk server already running.

[4] Missing all old emails
The last one, the most important one. I was doing everything from this manual:
but I could not import even one email. How to do this? It is possible to do this in old way, eg by coping files?

[5] Kmail extremly slow
I have many problems as you could see above, but fortunately kmail works, but.... very, very slow...
I have wait few minutes to see any email, and I can only see “Retrieving Folder Contents, Please Wait...”
Any sollution for this?

Many thanks for help, I slept only 2 hours, my email program does not work and for a moment I lost all my email :( If there is no solution, it possible to downgrade do old kde and kmail?
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You said you made a backup, why don't you restore from it and use the old kdepim suite?
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Hi xywa , I cant help you with your problem (couldn't find a way to make kmail work when I had the response issue) , just want to comment that with a little effort you can transfer your emails to thunderbird ...
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One of the KDE-pim team has written a help on UserBase - ... _migration

That should sort things out for you.

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