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I am loosing message bodies with kmail ..

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yes I know, but I do not think I can exactly reconstruct what happened. the last years of trying to use kmail resulted in archives, backups, reimports and so forth. So I cannot be sure whether the lost mail bodies in reimported local folders stem from this version right now or have been already sitting in this bulk of mails when I reestablished the local folders. In the last case the problems may have resulted still from nepomuk indexing or filtering with one of the last kmail versions and I do not see how I can produce useful information from there.

Everything I can pinpoint to an action or a certain version I write into a bug report. Before I do that I consult this forum here to find out whether I just missed some point or the correct procedures changed whithout any hint or documentation.

I hope this is the correct way to approach problems.

If there was more documents on what changed for the intended user interaction with a new version, or for the backends, it would be much more easy to be less vague on what exactly it is that went wrong compared to the intended behaviour. Maybe I just used outdated information trying to help myself while messing up my mail... (a lot of information on KDE applications seems to be at least partially outdated...)

Thx for your efforts,


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