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Simon- Installed, watched all vids / having trouble starting

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I've installed Simon 0.4.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 (in my case, Gnome). The installation is from the repositories (apt-get install simon). I have checked and the package libqt5sql5-sqlite is installed. (According to this link (, version 4 is needed in Linux Mint, so after initial difficulties I've also installed libqt4-sql-sqlite, which made no discernable difference.)

I've watched the vids, in particular the quick start I see where I'm supposed to download the scenarios and pick the ones I want to install. They should look like:

[EN/VF] Mouse Control
By bedahr
<some description>

(which I see at 30 seconds into the vid). So, I'm bewildered why, when I download what are supposed to be scenarios, I get a lot of stuff that looks like:

By ottlux
Yakan-Colors- - Elegant Themes in RWMS-
Style - <etc>

They all look like themes! Using the search, I didn't find anything that included "H4W", which is supposed to be one of the base models and should be referred to by at least one of the scenarios. What is wrong here? (By the way, I do find some scenarios right here: ... ntmode=692). When I skip this and go on to download models, I also get a list of themes and wallpapers. :-?

[Also, where do I find AT-SPI. That could at least have gotten me started.]


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