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KDE5 vs Gnome: why can't "Super_R" act as compose key?

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my original question was, how to make the left windows key (Super_L, keycode 133) and the right windows key (Super_R, keycode 134) on my "Cherry Cymotion Linux" key board act as different and independent keys. But the problem is much bigger, as I discovered now.

Now I installed "KDE 5 Neon" on two different machines, both equipped with standard German pc key boards. Both installation were done "from scratch", meaning there was no old version of KDE on the hard disks, thus no old configuration files were causing troubles.

On both machines, like on my own, I can not choose the right windows key to act as the compose key. Although KDE system settings offers this choice, and although after choosing this option, I get

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xmodmap -pke
keycode 134 = Multi_key Multi_key Multi_key Multi_key

it simply does not work at all. Still the system reacts to this key as before: KDE menu opens, and that's it! No composing can be done. :(

On both machines, as well on my own, I can boot a Gnome desktop from USB, choose "Right Win" to be the compose key, and it works perfectly!

The following question may be a bit embarrassing in a KDE related forum, but I really want to know why this works on Gnome, but not in KDE5. What is Gnome doing better / different, that makes the right windows key do what the option implies? Remember: KDE system settings offer the option to make right windows key the compose key. So why is it not doing it?

Do I need to install additional packages? Do I need to edit special files manually? Is this a (known) bug in Neon?

Any help will be welcome and very much appreciated!


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