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Running KMag in another WM

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Running KMag in another WM

Thu Dec 24, 2020 4:57 am
Hi all,

New user, so hoping I provide all the info that is needed!

I have been using Plasma on Arch for a while now, and am really enjoying it, especially KMag.

I am registered blind, and am heavily reliant on a good screen magnifier to get anything done. The only other screen mag that can come even close to KMag’s functionality and ease of use is macOS’s implementation, but I want nothing to do with Apple or macOS, so of course I use KDE, which like I say has been fantastic.

I am now looking to move to a WM-only install on my system (either a stacking WM like OpenBox, or a tiling WM), but could not do without KMag, so here’s my question...

Is KMag reliant on KWin in order to be able to function, or would it be possible to use another compositor? My understanding (not a dev) is that KWin can’t be used alongside another WM, so if KWin must be used for KMag to function properly, are there any ways around this?

My main incentive for moving to a WM-only environment is the ease of backing up all of my settings to my dotfiles, meaning that I have to spend less time at the TTY. In addition to this, I of course also enjoy the benefits that come with running a WM-only setup, but as it stands have to do this from within a VM.

Sorry if my question seems stupid. Though I do a lot of saysadmin work, I’m still not too familiar with C, and therefore reading over the codebase for KMag wasn’t feasible. Equally, if there isn’t a solution, I’ll stick with KDE!

Thanks in advance for any help!


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