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NVIDIA Card will not Work with Marble?!?

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Hello @ all
i have some Problems to use Marbel Software.
I have Install the Portable Version and i use Win 10 - on this PC i use the NVIDIA GT730 Card.

I try to use Openstreet maps, Or try to Download some new Maps - nothing happen -
No street is aviable no Maps i could see that i could download.

Than i try it on my Notebook..
It is an Intel one with Intel Grapfic on Board.. And TATA it works Perfect ,.
I could see all Streets via Openstreet map - and i could download new Maps like Mars or Venus... :)

That the Same Version - that i used - i push only the Portable App`s that is on my USB Stick - in the Notebook.

The Question is... why the Program will not Work on my PC ?
Right now, i download the new Grafic Driver from NVIDIA... and nothing .- -

could i do something else - that Marbel will work here ?? on my PC
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The Problem - is done...

There was two missing DLL Files that Marbel is need - - Now it Works like it should...

Even on Win.10 64 Bit...

Like i say, i have the Portable APP from Marbel...

What you need to Run is

[* libeay32.dl]
[* ssleay32.dll]

Nothink else

Where to get ?


scroll down and Download the last ZIP File...

you need only the DLL Files , nothing more...

Just unzip it to your Marbel Directory, than Start Marbel and you see ;D - a big smile on your face... It Works like it should .

Than you could Delete the Zip - or leave ...

YOU don`t need to Install any OpenSSL Software on your Computer - this will not Work to run Marbel.


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