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Status of Marble project? (as of March 2020)

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Hi folks,

I decided this morning to go looking for a Google-free alternative to Google Earth, and thereby discovered KDE's Marble app, which I had not heard of before. I run a macOS desktop machine, and was pleased to see that a macOS version of Marble is available. However, as best I can tell from the app's website, Marble hasn't been updated in a very long time — at least four years, if not longer — and I couldn't find any announcements addressing this situation. Certainly, a lot has changed in macOS over that time, not to mention other platforms.

I've just downloaded Marble v2.2.0 and will at least give it a try, but I'm concerned about the long period of what appears to be a lack of maintenance. If someone reads this who can speak authoritatively on behalf of the dev team for Marble, I'd appreciate it if you could post a status report on where Marble is, or isn't, going from here.

~ Justin
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well, i definitely can not speak authoritatively on behalf of the dev team for Marble, but
I want to thank you for this post
in some strange way, it inspired me
like... i would like to explore that marble for sure


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