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Offline Gosmore data on Marble - Windows

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My first post here, just discovering Marble (which seems quite useful!) :)

My need actually is to use offline routing, in Malawi. The targeted end user is someone with poor computer literacy, and I found Marble just fine and easy enough to use.
I've seen that MoNav offers, directly from Marble routing parameters, to download offline routing data, however, not all countries in Africa are available (or I missed something?), and Malawi is not part of it.

As an alternative, I turned to the Gosmore option.
On my GNU/Linux desktop, I've been able to download, prepare, store and use it perfectly (adapting this tutorial:
I paste the computed gosmore.pak file in :
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However, the end user is using Windows (10 - 64-bits), I tried so on a Windows desktop.
I could install Marble correctly, but was not able to make the Gosmore routing working...
I've tried many option, such as:
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C:\Program Files (x86)\Marble\data\maps\earth\gosmore\

as well as the gosmore.pak outside the gosmore folder.
But any option is working...

Note: when Working offline option is deactivated, routing is working just fine (I guess, using other online routers).

Any idea/feedback on these tries?
Thanks in advance for any help!


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