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Draw Polygons in specific order

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Draw Polygons in specific order

Wed Sep 21, 2022 2:05 pm
Hello guys,

I'm quite new to KDE Marble, I have been trying to draw some polygons that represent weather cells that are contained in a .kml file.
There are 3 severity types : high, medium, low represented by red, yellow and green polygons.
I would like to draw them in this order : low -> medium -> high, in order to see the highest severity because they are usually smaller than the others.
So far I used "addGeoDataFile" to import a .kml file but the order is not respected. Sometimes it draw only the low ones sometimes 2 of them etc ... It's not consistent.

I'm aware that there is a tag from Google extension call <gx:drawOrder> but it doesn't seem that this is supported by Marble. (I'm using marble 2.2.20 (2.3 development version)
). I saw another tag called <renderOrder> but doesn't seems to work too.

I also tried to gather all of the imported Placemark and try to re-draw them but I'm a bit lost in all the classes I don't really understand where they are stored so far I believe they are in the GeoDataTreeModel in the field data. But i'm also new to Qt so it's hard to me to understand the concept behind all of that.

A bit of help would be greatly appreciate.
Thanks for at least reading my post.

Please tell me if i'm not in the wrong section or if you need additionnal informations.


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