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0 eating much memory

Fri Aug 26, 2022 10:48 pm
my issue is very critical.

I had another major issue with trash.s0. it occupied 15.6/16GB ram and it was like freezing. i have such like issues 10 days per month!!!!!! It is like a hell!!!
note that in trash may exists daily more than 10-20000 files....

1) I cant understand why OS dont keep mem for themselves and to start drop apps when reaching a threshold... it is like telling a human to pay +100 dollars while he has a debth of 999$ and only 1$ has remain in his pocket...

2) KDE trash needs an emergency option --- "please empty whatever you have in any cost from ram" trash --emergency

3) What alternatives to trash-cli exists? i have read about trash.d. It can be trusted?

4) what is ktrash5... could not find any information.... It seems that helpt to empty "trash ram memory".

also i found that.... i could not understand exactly what is doing...

5) "trash.... replace them with symlinks to /dev/null which instantly deletes anything moved to it. I did something similar on my system but instead pointed them to /tmp which is a folder stored in RAM and deletes everything on reboot, just in case I accidentally hit delete on a file I need."
--- so if i point trash to /tmp.... what will happen? the deleted files are transfered to tmp folder? Can i do that?



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