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xsettings-kde interfering with gtk themes

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Hi All,

I am not usre if this is the correct sub forum. I have the following problem:

I am currently running Kubuntu 12.04 with oxygen as my style (+ oxygen-gtk) for my gtk applications. Additionally, I have selected the obsidian coast for my color theme (Im lovin' it!). For my daily work I need to run eclipse. It turns out that eclipse does not like white on black theme colors so I run it with a different theme using:

GTK2_RC_FILES=.... eclipse.

This works fine, with the exception of one very annoying thing. The non editable combo boxes look like a text field and a button. I tracked it down and it seems that the settings daemon interferes with the theme I set over the environmental variable. Once I kill the "xsettings-kde" daemon, the Theme works fine. Suffice to say, this is a bit overkill and could (?) disable some other functionality.

Here is an example of what is happening to me. I have picked the "widget factory" application to showcase my problem.

An image on how the widget factory looks when I run the application while overwriting the theme and xsettings is running:

Now I simply kill xsettings-kde and rerun the application

And voila, the combobox looks fine. It is not a text field + button anymore.

Does anyone know if I can black list my eclipse instance from being interfered with the xsettings-kde daemon? Can I do something else to keep that from happening? These comboboxes look really ugly.....

Thanks for any input!
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As far as I am aware, xsettings-kde is not shipped by KDE itself. (In fact, I only found out about it earlier today)

My guess, is that unless xsettings-kde offers this option, it will not be possible to disable it. The only other thing you can try is to look for a Gtk option which disables checking with the XSettings interface for preferences such as colours (and then coding this into the seperate Gtk config files you point Eclipse to).

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Try to customize your gtk colors with kde-gtk-config. Here are some other tools mentioned: ... post299162


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