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How to allign columns in Kate editor?

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I am working with the Kate editor and I like a lot the "block select" function. However, it seems to me that I can only use it when the columns of my csv/txt file are perfectly aligned, means each column contains entries of a fixed length, something like that:

1234, 2348709, 234
7849, 9878920, 573
3847, 8456294, 987
3947, 3402341, 513

However, if I have columns, whose entries are not having always the same fixed lengths, then my columns would end up missaligned to each other along the vertical axis, something like this:

1231, 0573040, 980
23, 9840088, 8920
123123, 23, 984792038
2342, 903, 98473

My questions:
1) Is there a way even with this visual misalignment to be able to block select columns in Kate?
2) Is there a setting in Kate that allows me to visually align the columns, so that I can use block select on them? E.g. something that would turn the unaligned table from above into

1231___, 0573040, 980
23_____, 9840088, 8920
123123, 23______, 984792038
2342___, 903____, 98473

(the intendention with the undescores is not quite accurate, but I guess you get the idea - I want columns that are perfectly straight in the vertical direction). Thanks for any ideas!


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