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Discover, repositories and apt (neon)

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Discover, repositories and apt (neon)

Tue Jul 26, 2022 12:51 pm
Hello community,
Im just switched to KDE Neon 5.25 (user ed.) from windows 7 o) . Im learning the system and have a question about how it works, Discover and apt.
Discover 5.25.3. Im trying to find some applications (synaptic, gparted for ex.), and im getting "gparted was not found in the available sources", in other hand apt finds and installs the same apps easily.
Repositories of Discover and apt looks the same (default). So, why they show different results? Do they use the same sources.list or different?
Sorry for noob question.
Have a nice day

screns of repos:
(snapd uninstalled)
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Discover relies on appstream for providing the information you see for an application. Sometimes this info is missing, or there is a bug between the two. In this case, the application won't be shown. it is a known issue, but normally only seen in old Plasma and Discover versions.

i think this is one of the things that has crept in to Neon, some disconnect between the older version of Appstream etc from Ubuntu 20.04 and the latest and greatest Plasma. This isn't happening in a stock Kubuntu 20.04, with its old Plasma and Discover but the same core OS as Neon. I am not 100% sure, but I think that this was not an issue on neon in the recent past.

Neon's move to 22.04 really can't come soon enough.

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