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Trouble pasting text into vi using Konsole

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Since around March this year I've had issues with pasting text into Vi using Konsole. I should probably try another teminal emulator but I've got it set up with a toolbar that works the way I want so learnign something new isn't my ideal solution.

I often select text from one pane and then middle-click to paste it in another window, but the problem also appears when using Ctrl-Shift-V pasting.

I think the issue is mostly or only when pasting text on a remote system logged in via SSH.

The problem does appear to be related to what I paste - possibly back-ticks may be related.

When I close the terminal session and open a new session, the problem is normally fixed - for a while, even when pasting the same buffer again.

The issue appears to be client side - 99% of the work I do is managing remote servers that run a variety of BSDs and Linux distrubutions. The problem does not appear to be related to any one specific distribution, nor to either Vi or Vim.

The symptom is that usually Vi will just exit out of insert mode, move around the file, and break a few other lines. Undo fixes this. The workaround then is to:

1. exit from the editor, and
2. then use another tool, eg echo for a one liner, or cat <<STUFF for longer text, to append the text I want to add into the file.
3. Then open the file again in Vi
4. Go to the end of the file and use "vi" yank-paste to move the line or lines to the right location in the file.

This is a right royal pain. Any idea what may be causing this? Do I try another terminal emulator?

For bonus points: Is there a switch I can pass to vim to make it act like Vi, particularly to prevent having the input jump to where I click in the terminal. I wish this behaviour was never invented - While I do use copy-paste using the mouse, I like apps on the other side of a terminal to be mouse-agnostic.

Thank you!


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