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KRename Regex - How does it work?

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KRename Regex - How does it work?

Sat Nov 26, 2022 5:59 pm
KRename is a nice and handy tool but when it comes to regular expressions, it fails me often.

The latest thing is a filename like this
Code: Select all{{jkh7845kjhfv98}}

I want to remove the curly brackets and its contents.

On either and the following expression does it like a charm
Code: Select all

At first I thought I got it wrong but even grep in the console returns proper results with this expression, only KRename doesn't do a thing. I suspected I got it wrong on escaping but a term like
Code: Select all

correctly removes all the digits.

Alas, I cannot find the curly bracket
Code: Select all

Does anyone know why the curly bracket remains undetected? Who is wrong, me or KRename?

PS: Just found a solution with using it as class
Code: Select all

but it still eludes me why the escaping does not work as expected ???

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