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Kile color schemes are corrupted (I think)

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I am new to Kile and have, in fact, not really used Kate until today.

I installed Kate so that I might get access to the original color schemes, as Kate is the backbone of Kile. That doesn't seem to be possible, from what I have already tried.
Unfortunately, I believe that I have over-written the original color schemes while tweaking the original schemes....I did not know that might happen if I tweaked the colors without first saving the original scheme under a new name, and manipulating that one (there is no file lock-out on the original schemes!).
In short, I made a bit of a mess of it.

Now, I would like to revert to a clean installation of Kile with the original schemes. I have uninstalled 3 times, and reinstalled (using both the Mint "Software Manger" and the Mint "Synaptic Package Manger') and it seems that the new installation of Kile always find the color schemes that I have manipulated----I assume that the re-installation process will simply NOT overwrite those with the OEM color schemes!

When trying to export a color scheme from Kile, it appends the extension *.kateschema . I have done a thorough search, and I cannot find any files with that extension. So, where are the original color schemes stored? How do I remedy this horrible mess ? Here are the details of my platform:

    OS =Linux Mint (Cinnamon), 64 bit
    Kile 2.9.93
    Kate 19.12.3

Edit / PS:
I just discovered something about the font & color GUI; the drop down in the upper left, and in the lower right, are NOT the same. If you are editing the colors, you are editing the file shown in the upper left drop-down. But, the lower-right menu box shows the "default" applied to (newly created? newly opened?) *.tex files ----
Can I download and use any of the optional color schemes related to Kate, and use them within Kile? If so, HOW?


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