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Bluetooth headphones volume *usually* doesn't work

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I'll do my best to explain the issue. I'm using Arch Linux and the KDE bluetooth utility.

When connecting my bluetooth headphones, the volume usually gets bugged out. When turning the volume up and down on my laptop, I see the volume bar and the it appears to work normally, but the actual volume in my headphones stays at what seems to be about 50%. Turning on mute works, but volume control doesn't. When it gets bugged out like this, the only way to fix it is to disconnect and reconnect the headphones. I often have to do this 5, 6, 7 times until it finally works normally.

If I change the volume right after connecting the headphones I notice some weird stuff. The volume bar will sometimes jump to a new value. This only happens once right after connecting. Sometimes the volume control is working, then it jumps to a new value, and it gets bugged out. Sometimes the opposite: It jumps to a new value and suddenly it works normally. Once it's working, it stays working the entire time I use the headphones.

I've tried these headphones with many other devices and no other device gives me any issues like this. I've also connected other audio devices to this laptop without issues.


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