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Asking for solutions to my messing up the Konsole in KDE Neo

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[SOLVED] Greetings. I am new to Linux and KDE Neon.
Trying to implement the advice from a tutorial on how to customize KDE Plasma on Youtube, I tried to install fish according to the recommendations from the tutorial. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened (looks like the location of fish in the tutorial was /usr/bin/fish, and was different from mine, but I inadvertently inserted the location from the tutorial, and that messed up my Konsole which no longer functions). It only displays two messages in red letters:
Warning: Could not start program '/usr/share/fish' (that was the location of fish on my system) with sh', and
Warning: execve: Permission denied.

I know I must look stupid in your eyes, but please take into consideration that I am very new to Linux, but I want to learn. So, is there anyone who could tell me what I need to do to restore the Konsole to its default settings and proper operation? Thank you in advance and sorry for my stupid actions.

LE: Just found the solution.
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Btw, it's usually a good idea to share solution you found so that if anyone else has the same problem they can also find the solution:

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