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How to change the font of the current tab via command-line

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i am able to set the colors in the current tab of a konsole-window via
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konsoleprofile colors=<name>

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konsole --list-profile-properties

shows 'Font' as another option which should be settable via konsoleprofile. I have tried lots of different syntaxes for the font-name, but did not succeed. I found a workaround via
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qdbus org.kde.konsole-<PID> /Sessions/<tab-nr> org.kde.konsole.Session.setProfile <profile-name>

but i would prefer to just set the font, not the whole profile. I found
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qdbus org.kde.konsole-<PID> /Sessions/<tab-nr> org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Set

but i dont know if it is possible to set the font this way and even if it would be possible, i cant figure out the correct syntax (also here i tried a few).
I would prefer konsoleprofile but qdbus would be fine as well (or maybe something different). Does anybody know how to do it?

Thanks for reading!


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