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Can't map the 'Shift-Delete' key shortcut in Konsole

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I recently switched from Ubuntu 18.04 with Unity to Kubuntu 20.04 as my work setup and really liking KDE so far. I have been able to tweak almost everything to my liking. I use the terminal quite a lot and I now also prefer Konsole to Gnome terminal but there is this issue that irks me. In Gnome terminal I have been mapping the Shift-Delete shortcut to do a 'clear and reset' of the terminal. And I have used this shortcut for years and the habit is so ingrained that it's hard for me to switch to another shortcut like the default 'Ctrl-Shift-K' in Konsole. So I have been trying to map the 'Shift-Delete' key in Konsole too but it doesn't let me. I removed that shortcut from the global shortcuts and from the Konsole keyboard profile and checked everywhere else I could think of, to no avail.

Interestingly when I was evaluating Kubuntu on a temporary install I was able to map that key in Konsole at some point but then after I did a full clean install, I am not able to map it anymore.

Any idea?


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