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[SOLVED] Ctrl+D creates a new tab instead of ending session

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For some unknown reason, pressing Ctrl+D will create a new tab instead of ending the session. This also means I can't exit out of other programs such as "showkey -a" etc.
If I try to bind Ctrl+D to anything, including "New Tab", it says the shortcut is ambiguous when I try to use it, but Ctrl+D isn't bound to anything according to the "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" menu.
Ctrl+Shift+W still works as intended, but as mentioned I can't rebind it to Ctrl+D.
This happens regardless whether I'm on my local shell (zsh) or remote shell (ssh).

Any ideas?

EDIT: Ctrl+Shift+D works and seems to send the exact same signal as Ctrl+D is supposed to. See this output:
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$ showkey -a

Press any keys - Ctrl-D will terminate this program

^D        4 0004 0x04

Also, Ctrl+D works fine in all other terminal emulators. Only Konsole has this problem.

EDIT2: Solved! I had to go to Configure Konsole > Profiles and delete the shortcut for the Default profile.


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